There are numerous ways to save cash on your current home owners insurance rather than resorting to those bargain homeowners insurance companies. The best way to save without affecting your current coverage or losing the benefits of a full service property insurance agency is to raise your deductible. I know you have been led to believe that's a bad thing but allow me to explain why it could be the best move you make.

First, let's take a look at what you're being charged for in your insurance policy. Most of your rate comes from the replacement cost of your property.

The next biggest piece of the pie is your deductible. And, of course, there are all those little riders. Depending on your homeowners insurance policy you may have special add ons for your contents, or extra coverage from identity theft protection to sewer and drain backup.

The replacement cost of your dwelling should not be messed with, and, even if there are a lot, those little up charges in your homeowners insurance policy usually don't add up to more than a few bucks a month. That leaves your property insurance deductible.